AAC Campaign--Get people talking about AAC and help more people get access to communication technology, training and ongoing support

We are continuing our efforts to bring awareness and understanding of the need for anyone who has limited communication to gain access to other ways to communicate, termed AAC (augmentative and alternative communication methods). These methods include other ways to speak, write and read such as electronic talking aids, computers, tablet computers, boards and books with pictures, words, and letters, Talking Mats, Communication Passports, eye-gaze, partner-assisted scanning, facilitated communication training, Rapid Prompting Method, gesture and sign language, and captioning. We encourage you to learn more and to teach others about AAC methods and how they can help with expression and with understanding what is being said.

Here are some ideas for learning more about AAC, increasing the visibility of AAC and people who use it, and helping people who use AAC to teach others about communication. Invite a person who uses AAC to make a speech or other presentation. Invite a person who uses AAC to demonstrate their communication method and to have a conversation so that others may learn better to interact with and listen to people who use various AAC systems. Host a film about AAC and invite people who use AAC to share their experiences with the audience. Connect people who are new to using AAC to communicate with mentors who are experienced users of AAC. Work with people who use AAC and their families and supporters to organize fundraising events to raise funds for AAC devices in your local area and to share information about AAC. Get local news media to interview people who use AAC and to print stories about AAC technology, the numbers of people who need AAC but may not have access, the lack of professionals trained in AAC, and related issues.

AAC Visibility and Awareness Project

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blogs and websites with writings by people who use AAC to communicate and their parents and supporters

Blogs by individuals who use AAC

Lynn Aquilana – Mill-Pinna tieghi . . . (in Maltese)

Amanda Baggs – Ballastexistenz

Agnes Bal – From the Cradle to the University (in Polish) 

Heathar Ashley Barrett – Twitter @Heatharashley 

Larry Bissonnette – Larry’s Blog

Andrew Bloomfield, Andrew’s Bridges 

Niko Boskovic 

Brayden – Brayden’s Blog

James Brosnan – Jumping Spastics

Cindi’s Blog

Elana Rose Connor – Elana Rose

Sydney Edmond – Sydney’s Writing

Carly Fleischmann – Carly’s Voice

Henry Frost

Peyton Goddard – Peyton Goddard: Advocate for Inclusion

Thiandi Grooff

Growing Kids Therapy Center blog

Joshua Harris – Joshua’s Planet

Koren Henning – Koren’s Korner

Glenda Watson Hyatt – Do It Myself Blog

Marlena Katene, theaacjournalist, YouTube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/theaacjournalist?feature=

Kati – Kati’s Blog

Ido Kedar – Ido in Autismland

Brian Kajiyama – Brian’s Ramblings

Ben Kingston – The True Ben Kingston

Chris Klein – No Barriers 

Sharisa Kochmeister – My Surreal Life

Lateef McLeod - Lateef’s Thoughts

Beth Moulam – Beth Moulam and LIFE

Chris Patton, Lopsided Heart Creations – Poetry by Chris

Chandima (Chammi) Rajapatirana  

Michael Brian Reed

Barb Rentenbach 

Lee Ridley – Lost Voice Guy

Peter Rowe

Sue Rubin

Darryl Sellwood

Amy Sequenzia – Nonspeaking Autistic Speaking

Jeremy Sicile-Kira – Jeremy’s Vision

Sean Sokler – Sean’s Shoutouts

Simon Stevens – Simon Stevens Viewpoint

Sarah Stup – Are Your Eyes Listening?

Ryan Tilton - Non-Speaking Not Silent: AAC Apps, Service Dogs, My Experiences as an Autistic Female

Tracy Thresher – Tracy’s Blog

Karly Wahlin – Inspired by Love

Lydia Wayman – Autistic Speaks

Mike “X” – Journal of an Autist

Blogs and websites featuring writings by individuals who use AAC:

1 Voice Communicating Together Blog

Bridges-Over-Barriers Communication Support Initiative – newsletters  

The Communication Mentors Network

ISAAC – AAC Awareness – Archive Material
·       2010 – Many Cultures, One Dream:  Communication Without Barriers, Story Collection 2010 Submissions
·       2009 – Many Methods, One Goal:  To Communicate, 2009 Story Submissions and Video Collection
·       2008 – Many Stories, One Voice AAC Story Collection

Kilometres for Communication – Stories

Let’s Talk AAC blog:  Communicators in Action

Pittsburgh Employment Conference Proceedings 1995-2011 at the SHOUT website

Watch Our Words, a group of FC typers and facilitators in Colorado. In-home and large group trainings are conducted by FC typers with the help of their facilitators. Their website holds some of their writings—See the “We speak” section. Chris Patton, Sharisa Joy Kochmeister, Jaison Hart, Mike Hoover.    http://www.wowcolorado.org/index.htm

The Writers Brigade

Blogs and websites by parents and others who write about personal experiences with AAC

Larry Blumenthal – Life with Clay

Char Brandl – Grandma Char’s Lessons Learned

Katie Clarke

Lisa Domican – The Grace App Blog

Hollly Gray – Caleigh’s Corner

Alyssa Hillary – Yes, That Too

Mary Kay – You Don’t Say

Heather Kim Lanier – Star in Her Eye

Merry Knight – ABCs and AAC

Sabra Murphy – Assume Intelligence

Sabra Murphy and Emma Murphy
Paper Kids blog

Neider Family – Uncommon Sense

Niksmom – Maternal Instincts:  Flying by the Seat of my Pants

On the Train with Sophie (by Anonymous)

Lisa Reyes – Faith, Hope, and Love . . . with Autism

Rob Rummel-Hudson – Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords  

Julie Shaffner – Understanding Lu

Deanne Shoyer – Small but Kinda Mighty

Christine Stephan – Day Sixty Seven

Heidi Thompson – Junior’s Voice

Elizabeth Vosseller - Musings and Mutterings about Speech, Language, and Technology to Improve Communication

Ariane Zurcher - Emma’s Hope Book

Blogs and Websites with collections of writings by parents and others who write about personal experiences with AAC

The Communication Mentors Network

List assembled by Judy C. Bailey.  Updated November 19, 2017.